Nature's Prepared Foods

[Prepared Food - The How of living our Why]

You are what you eat, and what you are eating ate! 

Nature's Prepared Foods are prepared with our Pastured Meats and Organic vegetables and ingredients.  Cooking from scratch; our foods are pre-cooked, frozen, and ready for you to just reheat & serve!

With our cultures hectic lifestyle, we wish to provide an alternative choice to dinning out at the drive-up window.  We all experience those occasions where you simply do not have enough time in your day to prepare your own meal (try as we might), and we would like to provide you with an alternative that meets the expectations of the most discerning individual and their personal food choices.

We work very hard to maintain a moderate price-point for our Prepared Foods, which can be challenging when you are not willing to subject your patrons and guests to commodity ingredients.  We look to overcome many of these challenges through efficiencies in our production processes, forming purchasing agreements with other local producers, and bulk purchasing our staple ingredients for cost savings we can pass on to you ...

If you want:

  • Healthy personal food choices, you will find that our Prepared Foods:
    • Do not use highly processes, or partially hydrogenated, seed or vegetable oils ...
    • Do not load our foods with fillers, or other non-nutritious ingredients, to increase the perceived value of our foods
    • Do use only pure extra-virgin cold pressed olive oil, rice bran oil, and sesame oil in our recipes ...
    • Do use Organic vegetables and ingredients in all our recipes ...
    • Do use Nature's Pastured Meats
    • Do use Nature's Stocks and Broth where appropriate in our recipes
  • Able to prepare all our meal items under 30 minutes ...
  • Looking for prepared food items consistent with a dietary regime (i.e., low carb, keto, mediterranean, etc.), which are not generally available in your local marketplace ...  We have items that are:
    • 'Gluten Free', and not incorporating other high glycemic replacement flours (GF)
    • 'Dairy Free' (DF)
    • 'Low to No' simple carbohydrate and with fiber carbohydrates (LC)
    • 'Moderate to High' Fiber (HF)
    • 'Moderate to High' Protein (HP)
    • 'Low to No' Lectins (LF)
  • Clear labeling listing all ingredients that is simple and easy to read
  • Wish to develop a direct relationship with your [farmers and rancher/food producer] ...

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Please Note: Our Prepared Foods are sold in U.S. Dollars.  Price and Quantity per item may vary as: 1. $ per Pound; or 2. $ per Unit - this will be noted in the product's Description as well as the standard item count and an average net weight for each Prepared Food item (see FAQ).  We will pack your order items as close as we can to the Quantity you desired for your order.

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