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Come on by, and check out our current menu as of 2019-02-02 (PDF), or give us a call Thursday through Saturday 11AM-6PM at 503-875-0889.  Our Farm Food Cart is located at:

28425 SE Hwy 212, Boring, OR 97009


Nature’s Food Cart has provided Farm Direct foods with high quality Pastured Meats and Organic vegetables since 2015.  Inspired by the traditions of Farm Cuisine from multiple cultures, we seek to provide our guests with tasty, healthy, personal food choices directly to our Guests. 

We pair only the  highest quality ingredients with our Pastured meats.  In season, we get most of our produce from local farmers here in Boring, OR U.S.A. We also have a great relationship with wonderful people of Organically Grown Company in Portland, OR. 

Once our guests are able to taste the difference Pastured Meats and Organic produce brings to the table (quit literally), [we see a change in their requisite expectations of food quality.]

At Nature's Food Cart you will find:

    • All your dishes are Made to Order!
    • Healthy food items meeting your personal food choices ...
    • Commitment to being a 'from scratch kitchen' - as it is the only way to ensure the wholesome quality of our dishes ...
    • That we use only our own Pastured Meats, Stocks, and Broths in preparing our dishes ...
    • That we use only Organic Vegetable and staples in our recipes ...
    • That we use only pure, cold pressed, extra-virgin olive, rice bran, and sesame oils in our food items ...
    • That we do not use highly processes, or partially hydrogenated, seed or vegetable oils ...
    • That we do not load our foods with fillers, or other non-nutritious ingredients, to increase the perceived value of our foods
    • Our web site includes a detailed listing of all ingredients in our dishes, allowing you to make confident personal food choices
    • Your are able to engage in conversation with us about your personal food choices, so we can better prepare your meal to meet your needs ...

 Come taste the difference quality food will make in your wellbeing, for yourself and your family!

Review Our Menu Items Now!


Please Note: Food Cart items are available at our Boring, OR USA location.  Pricing is in U.S. Dollars, and MSRP reflects our pricing through a delivery service (i.e., currently includes UberEats).  All Quantities for Food Cart items are per item unless otherwise noted in the product's Description.  Additionally, the product Description will include a summary of the dish, and a listing of the primary ingredients in the dish.  We will make appropriate substitutions as required by product availability when necessary.