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You are what you eat, and what you are eating ate! 

Natures's Old Time Meats is a privately owned farm & ranch located in Boring, OR USA.  We raise, harvest, and prepare healthy food items that are GMO free; pesticide/herbicide/insecticide free("*icide" free); hormone free; and antibiotic free.  Though it is not always easier, or cheaper; we believe it leads to a more abundant and healthier future for us all.

Our land stewardship practices can be broadly labeled "Regenerative"; and draw upon a number of rich traditions including: Permaculture Design; Holistic Management & Grazing; Biodynamics; traditional organic and other influential thought leaders in this space.

In practicing these traditions; we look to improve and maintain the health of our land, and by extension - that of the soil biota, plants, animals, and individuals who inhabit it.  Following these principles, we avoid most all of the environmental contamination issues and low nutritional value resulting from industrial agriculture practices.  We work hard to provide you with nourishing foods you can have confidence in when making your personal food choices.

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