Nature’s Pastured Pork

"Pastured Pork, the other red meat!"

Nature's Pastured Pork is just that: raised on pasture the way pigs are meant to be!  Pigs are omnivores, feeding on grass, shrubs, seeds, grubs, worms, and insects.  Restricting them to only grain feeds in cramped barns prevents them from achieving the full expression of their role in the landscape.Common Cuts Of Pork

Pigs assist in a crucial role of providing disturbance in the landscape, as well as converting their wide ranging feedstuffs to rich soil building nutrients.  We manage our pigs as a grazing animal, rotating them through pastures in all but the wettest months of our Northwestern United States winters.  Timing their stay in the landscape is critical to managing their impact on the land.  With our pigs we:

    • Keep our pigs on pasture year round.
    • Provide them with GMO free desiccated brewery grain (all the protein, mineral, and fiber, without the carbohydrates), as a supplemental nutrient source.
    • Move them weekly onto fresh pasture for clean herbaceous material to eat, and new soil to nourish.
    • Provide Organic vegetable wastes for supplemental nutritional input.

As a refresher, the primary cuts of pork are diagrammed in the accompanying image(click to expand). 

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