FAQ - Orders and Shipping

How is the final price for Pastured Meat items determined?

All prices denoted for our Pastured Meats are in U.S. Dollars per pound FOB.  The Product Description will have an item count per bag(i.e., "Chicken Thighs, 6 count, 3.5# average net weight"), and the final purchase price for the item will be determined when we pack your order based on the exact weight of that item rounded down to the nearest penny (i.e., 3.47 Lbs of Chicken Thighs at $5.50 per pound = 19.085 = $19.08), for an items total price.

Where do you currently ship to?

We deliver in the Portland OR, USA metropolitan area to the following zip codes:

    • 97002, 97004, 97006, 97007, 97009, 97013, 97015, 97022, 97024, 97026, 97030, 97033, 97036, 97042, 97045, 97055, 97060, 97071, 97080, 97086, 97089
    • 97101, 97111, 97114, 97116, 97117, 97123, 97128, 97132, 97133, 97136, 97137, 97140
    • 972* - all zip codes
    • 97303, 97304, 97305, 97362, 97381

If you are outside this area, please feel free to contact us, and we will determine what options we have to meet your needs.

How much does shipping cost?

We do not charge for shipping.  There is a $8 handling fee for all Portland Metropolitan area deliveries, and In-Store pickups are also free.

What days are your local deliveries in Portland, OR?

We currently delivery on Friday each week.  Should this not be practical in any given week (i.e., extreme weather event, etc.), we will contact all open order customers directly and make suitable alternative arrangements.

When will by order be delivered?

For weekly deliveries in the Portland Metropolitan area, our weekly orders close Wednesday at midnight (i.e., Wednesday at 11:59PM), for delivery on Friday except as noted above.  For In-Store pickups, we ask that you complete the order 2 days prior to your selected pickup day.  

How will I know when my order will arrive?

Our drivers will send a text or email message to the individual associated with the order when it has been delivered.

What is your Returns Policy?

We are understandably unable to accept returns of previously shipped food items that have left our possession.  If you are not satisfied with the products received in your order, please send us a note via the Orders@NaturesOldTimeMeats submission form and be sure to include your order number, additional contact information if applicable, and the nature of your concern.  We will contact you withing 2 business days for resolution to the issue.

Can I ship to a business address?

Yes, and please be sure to include information in the comments section of your order regarding office hours and contact information for the location.