About Our Food Cart

You are what you eat, and what you are eating ate! 

Note: Our cart is closed for the Winter season of '19-'20; see you in the Spring ...

Given the profound impact diet has on health; the ability to make appropriate food choices consistent with your individual goals outside the home is far too complicated.  Regardless of the dietary choices you wish to make, having confidence in the outcome is difficult - if not impossible!  

As within our own family, individual dietary choices will vary.  Be it philosophical, religious, medical, or other consideration guiding your nutritional food choices - clarity is a prerequisite for confidence you are achieving your goals.  As we developed Nature's Food Cart (similarly with Nature's Prepared Foods), we addressed a number of difficulties in this process by incorporating three core principles effecting the issue of clarity affecting us all.  Namely a clear delineation of the:

    1. Ingredients which have been incorporated into a dish.
    2. Provenance of the ingredients; where did they come from, and the manner in which they were produced.
    3. Preparation Techniques utilized in the composition of a dish.
    4. Cuisine choices suitable to demonstrate, and highlight, the superior quality of our products.  Less is often more ...

 At Nature's, we choose to:

    • Use Nature's own Pastured Meats to address provenance of protein sourcing and quality.
    • Use Organic and/or locally grown produce free from industrial agricultural contaminants.
    • Avoid the use of sugar.
    • Avoid the use of industrial vegetable and hydrogenated oils.
    • Avoid the use of preservatives, or other chemical ingredients.
    • Avoid the use of starchy fillers for perceived value.

We want you to have confidence that:

    • You are finding healthful choices in all our foods.
    • You are supporting local food production within your community.
    • You will have access to moderately priced foods of exceptional nutritional value.
    • You will find accommodation for multiple dietary protocols.
    • We will do our best to meet your requests in individualizing the preparing of your food.
    • In exploring new food choices, you will have a pleasant experience

With thoughtful ingredient selection and preparation, we focus on the details of providing tasteful nourishment.  Learn more, and come taste the difference quality food dishes can make in providing nutritious healthy meals to yourself and your family.

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