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Three Nature's Pasture/Grass-Finished Beef patties Burger and Tillamook cheese served with an additional layer of Nature's Pastured Pulled Pork with shaved white onions, Organic spring greens, cornichon pickles, Organic tomato concasse, and House Fry Sauce.


  • Nature's Pastured Beef Patty (80/20 3: 3oz)
  • Nature's Pastured Pork, Smoked, Pulled (1: 3oz)
  • Organic Shaved White Onions
  • Organic Spring Greens
  • Organic Tomato Concasse
  • French Cornichon Pickle Slices
  • House Fry sauce
  • House Potato Bun
  • Tillamook Medium Sharp White Cheddar Cheese