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All Natural Pastured Pork, Angus Beef, Chicken, Turkey & Eggs

healthy, happy animals raised on pasture without antibiotics, hormones or pesticides


We raise heritage pigs, registered Angus cows & Cornish-cross chickens

We raise our heritage pigs (Berkshire, Old Spot, Yorkshire & Duroc-cross) on pasture where they are moved frequently and have lots of room to root and play. They eat pasture and their food is supplemented with dairy and dried peas, beans, ground millet, flax seed, wheat and barley. They also eat apples, peaches, berries, pumpkins and squash in season. 


Our registered Angus cows are raised on pasture and grassfed on pesticide-free pasture. We supplement with alfalfa and grass hay as well as spent-grain. The cows are moved to new pasture frequently and enjoy a tranquil life.